Accelerate Your Business Growth

This show is designed to help small business owners, salespeople, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the various aspects of business success. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month and have a great lineup of guests and topics scheduled.

We’ll be talking about everything from sales to employee issues, from technology to social media, from work-life balance to exploring uncharted territory. My guests come from all over the world and are experts in their fields. They love to share their ideas and knowledge with others.

All of the shows are recorded and archived on iTunes. In addition, listeners can download the mobile app to be able to access the show from anywhere.

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Potential Guests:

Know someone who fits the description of a good guest? Have them reach out to me to explore the possibility. I suggest they listen to an episode or two to get a feel for the format. At this time I am not interviewing people about themselves or their books. However, I am very interested in subject matter experts who want to share their expertise.

Every guest has an opportunity at the end of the show to share information about their book, upcoming event, or business.


If you sell to business owners and entrepreneurs consider sponsoring some shows. It’s a cost-effective way to get in front of a large audience. The show receives thousands of listeners every month! For only $60.00 you can get your message in front of your target market.

Take a look at the Sponsor Information Sheet here: Radio Show Sponsorship Program
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I look forward to working with you