Group Coaching

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Group coaching is a great way to get the support, mentoring, structure, and strategizing you need to grow your business. Each program is designed to help you achieve great things depending on where you are with your business. As a business development coach, I have the tools, training, and experience to help you overcome obstacles, get clear about your goals, and move forward on the path of your choosing.

Take a look at the programs currently being offered and let me know which one fits your needs.

Together we will:

  • Create and execute a crystal clear vision
  • Uncover and address hidden challenges
  • Monitor your progress


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Family Business Forum

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Family businesses are unique enterprises. The interaction between family members and staff members can sometimes prove challenging. The Family Business Forum provides a structured platform for family business owners to interact, commiserate, and problem solve. Our specialized approach ensures the development of problem solving strategies as well as business systems and growth.

Kathy Dawson, Northeast Ohio’s leading relationship coach, and Diane Helbig, nationally recognized business coach, bring their expertise and training to each session. Forum members benefit from being able to address all aspects of a family business. The monthly sessions provide a confidential, structured, and safe environment for members to share their successes, challenges, and questions.
There are two groups to serve you:
Business Leadership Group:
This is a group of top level business leaders; those who are currently leading the organization. Discussion topics include:
  • Accountability decisions
  • Succession planning
  • Communication strategies
  • Business development
Next Generation Group:
This is a group of individuals who are in line to take over the leadership of the company. DIscussion topics include:
  • Communication strategies
  • Business development
  • Role specifications
  • Value
Each group meets once a month for 3 hours. Group coaching is an ongoing process. Each member is part of a dynamic group of people all working on growing their businesses. The sessions have structure to them. Participation, attendance, and timeliness matter.
Each session is set up to offer the attendees an opportunity to discuss any successes or challenges and receive feedback and assistance from the group. We work on action steps the attendees will take between sessions. The first session will include introductions, an overview of the process, an explanation of group coaching etiquette, and communication between sessions.
Stay tuned for our next open house when we’ll be reviewing the program, discussing the benefits of group coaching, and taking registrations. With a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 6, securing a spot matters!