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Coaching is a collaboration between a coach and a client. The client brings the issues and topics they want to improve upon and the coach helps them navigate to find that resolution. There are many reasons a business owner will engage a coach.

Diane SpeakingFrom the need for an accountability partner to a desire to grow their business, the client sets the agenda and the coach guides the process.

Coaching encompasses many aspects of mentoring, consulting and training. With coaching, we work on the client’s agenda, asking questions and helping them discover their path toward success. Success as they define it.

There are also times when the coach works to educate the  client, support the client, and consult – pointing out things the client may not see or be aware of.

When the client sets the agenda, it is the responsibility of the coach to provide the resources necessary to help the client achieve their goal. The coach may be the resource, or may put the client in touch with those resources.

Believing that to be successful, you must take a journey from the inside out, we focus on discovering who the client is; how they think, what they value, where they’re stuck.

At Seize This Day Coaching you can get:  

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Sales team coaching
  • Organizational development coaching
  • Coaching in person or via the phone
  • Workshops and webinars specific to business success


TAP: Touchpoint Accountability ProgramTouchpoint   Accountability   Program

Keep on track with this phone coaching program created just for you, the motivated, busy business leader.

With a 20 minute phone call once a week, you’ll find yourself accomplishing your goals! Together we

review your plan, discuss your progress, and plan for the next moves.

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